Supreme Committee issues new decisions for Oman

Oman Wednesday 09/February/2022 17:15 PM
Supreme Committee issues new decisions for Oman

Muscat: The Supreme Committee tasked with tackling developments resulting from coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has monitored updates on the pandemic, means of protection against the virus and ways of curbing its spread.

The committee studied reports on the COVID-19 scenario indicating the flattening of the curve of positive cases and this supports the stable status of positive tests, despite a rise in number of people of admitted to COVID-19 wards or intensive care units.

Accordingly, the Supreme Committee took the following decisions scheduled to be implemented on the date of publication of this statement:

1. To resume Friday congregational prayers and maintain the daily five prayers provided the number of worshippers does not exceed 50 percent of each mosque and in condition that all abide by the precautionary measures set in this regard.

2. To end the downsizing of staff required to attend at the workplace in units of the State’s Administrative Apparatus and other legal entities, while at the same time observing compliance with the precautionary measures set in this regard to avoid the spread of the disease.

3. To allow the operation of public halls at a capacity of 70 percent of each venue provided all participants show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and abide by precautionary measures.

4. To allow the holding of local and international conferences and exhibitions. The organizers have to stick to the terms and conditions set for practising these activities provided attendance does not exceed 70 percent of capacity of each venue.

5. The Ministry of Education is mandated to issue a statement about determinants of education through the second semester of School Year 2021-2022.

The COVID-19 Supreme Committee hereby requires government institutions and private sector establishments to make vaccination a pre-condition for entry into all government units and private sector establishments, including commercial complexes, restaurants and other business outlets. This also applies to attendance at cultural, sports and other collective activity venues.

The Supreme Committee urges all to comply with precautionary measures, including wearing face masks in all public places and closed areas, observing physical distance, avoiding gatherings and congested areas and keeping the hands clean all the time.

The committee also urges all citizens aged 12 years and above to go for a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. It is noted that the percentage of vaccination within this age segment is still low and stands at a mere 9 percent, compared to 24 percent among expatriates.

At the conclusion of its statement, the committee prayed to the Almighty Allah to protect all people against any harm.