Pro-Khalistan elements in Canada spreading anti-India feelings

World Thursday 03/February/2022 17:02 PM
Pro-Khalistan elements in Canada spreading anti-India feelings

New Delhi: A small fringe group of pro-Khalistan elements in Canada is spreading anti-India feelings through its extremist statements and activities, said Union Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan on Thursday.

"Government of India remains closely engaged with the Government of Canada to address our concerns relating to anti-India activities by the extremist elements. Both the governments have recognised the fundamental principle of respect for sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of India and Canada as the basis of bilateral relations.", he said.

He further stated that the Indian Government maintains close contacts with the Indian community in Canada, and its policy is to make continuous efforts to strengthen the bond with the community.

"The vast majority of people of Indian origin in Canada share a warm emotional bond with India and have worked for the betterment of relations between India and Canada.", he added.