US to deploy 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe amid tensions with Russia

World Thursday 03/February/2022 14:33 PM
US to deploy 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe amid tensions with Russia

Washington: Amid heightened military tension over the build-up of Russian troops along Ukraine's border, the US on Wednesday (local time) announced plans to send an extra 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe.

As per Pentagon, the troops will be deployed in a couple of days. Some 1,700 of the troops in the US will be dispatched to Poland, which borders Ukraine.

Another 300 troops in the US will go to Germany, while 1,000 troops in Germany will be sent to Romania, also neighbouring Ukraine, reported NHK World. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby explained that the US forces are intended to reinforce Eastern European NATO allies.

Kirby said the troops are being sent under bilateral agreements with Poland, Germany, and Romania, and will remain under US command.

He stressed that move is not permanent, and the troops will not fight in Ukraine.

Kirby said the deployments are in addition to the 8,500 service members in the US whom the defense secretary gave prepare-to-deploy orders last month, reported NHK World.

The Pentagon last month put 8,500 troops on high alert to deploy, largely to bolster NATO's response force -- a multinational force of about 40,000 troops that can deploy on short notice. Kirby said these troops have not been deployed and remain on high alert status, reported The Hill.

He said US officials still do not believe Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a decision "to further invade Ukraine," but that he has the capability to do so.

He said, "These movements are unmistakable signals to the world that we stand ready to reassure our NATO allies to deter and defend against any aggression."

Russia has amassed upward of 100,000 troops near its border with Ukraine, and the Biden administration is now warning that a military incursion of Ukraine is imminent.