India watches Ukraine crisis closely, calls for peaceful resolution

World Friday 28/January/2022 19:25 PM
India watches Ukraine crisis closely, calls for peaceful resolution

New Delhi: As the Russian troop build-up around the borders of Ukraine continues and tension in the region and beyond peaks, India has said it is following the developments closely and called for peaceful resolution of the situation.

"We have been closely following the developments relating to Ukraine including ongoing high-level discussions between Russia and the US. Our Embassy in Kyiv is also monitoring local developments," Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Aridnam Bagchi said at the regular media briefing.

Russia has demanded that there should be no presence of NATO forces in Ukraine and other former territories of the erstwhile Soviet Union. Moscow, which shares friendly and very close ties with India, has denied that it is planning a war on Ukraine. However, US and NATO allies believe that Russia is preparing for an assault.

The US has said there will be no change in its policy vis-a-vis the NATO alliance and is standing by Ukraine. Experts have said that the current crisis reminds them of the cold war era.

Bagchi said there should be a peaceful resolution to the situation through sustained diplomatic efforts.

"We call for a peaceful resolution of the situation through sustained diplomatic efforts for long term peace and stability in the region and beyond," he said.

Asked whether amid escalating tensions India fears that the US may impose CAATSA (Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act) as India is procuring the S-400 missile system from Russia, the spokesperson referred to India's partnership with both countries.

"India and US have a comprehensive global strategic partnership, India has a special and privileged partnership with Russia. We pursue an independent foreign policy. This also applies to our defence acquisitions and supplies which are guided by our national interest," he said.