UN creates new strategic framework to tackle the Afghanistan crisis

World Thursday 27/January/2022 17:03 PM
UN creates new strategic framework to tackle the Afghanistan crisis

Kabul: The United Nations team in Afghanistan has launched a new strategic planning document to coordinate the multi-lateral institutions' teamwork.

The UN team's work is to reduce the suffering of the people of Afghanistan by saving lives, sustaining essential services, such as health and education, and preserving essential community systems, according to Ariana News. UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Afghanistan Dr. Ramiz Alakbarov said that the one-UN Transitional Engagement Framework (TEF) aims to help Afghans meet their basic needs.

"This UN system-wide strategy will help ensure that Afghans can meet their basic human needs; acting on this now is more important than ever to avoid that an even wider proportion of the population requires life-saving humanitarian assistance," he said.

"Transitional engagement framework for Afghanistan is an important strategy as it allows the UN to provide essential life-saving humanitarian work and "provide and support basic human needs in Afghanistan, "he added.

Further, the framework enables the UN to work with 158 partners to provide the required support and vital assistance to maintain education and health services, to support community-based infrastructure and livelihoods and for the UN to expand assistance to the agricultural sector.

In addition, it will enable the organisation to "support all the people of Afghanistan with a specific focus on the needs of women and girls."

On the other hand, the UN requires however an additional USD 3.6 billion in immediate funding to sustain essential social services such as health and education; support community systems through maintenance of basic infrastructure; and maintain critical capacities for service delivery and promotion of livelihoods and social cohesion, with specific emphasis on socio-economic needs of women and girls, as analysed by Ariana News.

According to the UN, staying and delivering at the grassroots level across Afghanistan, the UN and partners will continue to engage in the sustained effort to meet humanitarian and basic human needs of Afghans, in compliance with UN Security Council Resolution 2615 adopted in December of 2021, as reported by Ariana News.