One Planet One Future – A unique event to create awareness on environmental wellness in Oman

Roundup Sunday 23/January/2022 16:04 PM
By: Times News Service
One Planet One Future – A unique event to create awareness on environmental wellness in Oman

One of the major challenges that our world faces today is environment wellness. While nations across the globe, especially our country Sultanate of Oman, are making relentless efforts and taking enormous initiatives, we as individuals also have a great role to play.

To create awareness about various aspects of environmental changes and to urge individuals to come together and provide their support, this unique event ONE PLANET ONE FUTURE is being organized at City Amphitheater, Qurm on Friday, the 11th of Feb 2022 at 7pm.

One Planet One Future will be staged under the auspices on Environment Authority. Confirming their support to this mega project, Advisor of Environment Authority Mr. Mahmoud said, “It is one of our responsibilities to promote and create awareness about our environment within our society which includes people of Oman and the expatriate communities. As such, Environment Authority is pleased to support this unique event One Planet One Future.

Using performing arts as the medium of communication, without any language barriers, this event promises to be entertaining and also delivers a relevant message asking all to contribute to environmental wellness. We wish the performers and organizers the very best and hope it creates the desired results among its audience.”

Speaking about the event, Director Premila Ramesh (Orbit Training Centre for Performing Arts – Nrityanjali) who will be performing along with her students, said – ‘I wonder if there is anyone in the world who is not effected by the changes that are happening to our environment. Directly or indirectly, each one of us faces the brunt. I wanted to reach out to as many people in Oman as possible with a value-added message of ‘what can we do as individuals to protect our environment’. One Planet One Future is a contemporary dance production which will have no language barriers. It will be supported with dramatic stage set up and props; adorning custom-made costumes, performers will surely light a spark in our audience and compel them to reconsider their life choices.’

One Planet One Future will encourage people to be ‘eco-warriors’, manage waste responsibly, coach not to poach discussing biodiversity & sustainability, reduce reuse & recycle, prevent pollution of all kinds and other related subjects.

Young Omani students have been invited to come to stage and speak about their environmental concerns. We are also running an ‘Awareness Through Creative Art’ challenge for all students. Through this challenge, we are encouraging students to present their environmental concerns creatively. They may create artwork or craft work / write a poem / write an essay / create a poster etc., related to environmental concerns and submit to organizers. We will showcase them on our social media pages extensively and also identify the best work. Winners will be given 2 VIP tickets and invited to come on stage and receive a trophy in acknowledgement of their creative work.