Blinken reaches Kyiv, tries to defuse Ukraine crisis

World Thursday 20/January/2022 06:11 AM
Blinken reaches Kyiv, tries to defuse Ukraine crisis

Kyiv: In order to diffuse tensions between America and Russia over the issue of Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken travelled to Kyiv on Wednesday.

He met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and warned that Russian forces could attack at "very short notice," reported NHK World. About 100 thousand Russian soldiers have massed along the border. But their commanders have said they have no plans to invade.

The Biden administration has approved an additional 200 million dollars in defensive military aid for Ukraine, reported NHK World.

Zelenskyy stressed the importance of help and reiterated his country's ambitions of joining NATO.

Meanwhile, the Russian leaders do not want the military alliance on their doorstep and have asked for written guarantees, reported NHK World.

Blinken is scheduled to meet in Geneva on Friday with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday (local time) said that Russia will be held accountable if it invades Ukraine amid rising tensions between the two countries.

"Russia will be held accountable if it invades Ukraine. It is going to be a disaster for Russia if it invades Ukraine. Our partner and allies are ready to impose severe costs and significant harm to Russia and its economy," said the US President.

He warned Russian President Vladimir Putin of significant economic consequences when such an incursion occurs. "He (Russian President Vladimir Putin) has never seen sanctions like the ones I have promised will be imposed if Russia further advances into Ukraine," said Biden.