3 ways to set yourself up for success this new year

T-Mag Wednesday 19/January/2022 18:36 PM
By: Brandpoint Content
3 ways to set yourself up for success this new year

Now is the perfect time to reflect on past resolutions and establish goals that will help you kick off the new year right. Maybe you want to travel, read more books, learn a new skill or take up a new hobby. Whatever resolutions you set, it's important to create life-long habits to support your goals and overall wellness.

Not sure where to start? Registered dietitian Dalina Soto based in the US has three simple tips to set yourself up for success in 2022.

1. Prioritise self-care

You don't have to be sitting in a bubble bath to practice self-care. It's all about finding moments to relax, refresh and enjoy the things you love. If you're an early bird, try taking your morning coffee outdoors or make a cosy spot in your home to write, meditate or read. If you're more of a night owl, carve out time before bed to recharge and reset. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it's something that rejuvenates you so you can tackle the rest of the day as your best self.

2. Get moving

Instead of making a resolution to go to the gym three times a week, think about how you can incorporate physical activity into your daily life through smaller steps that are easier to keep up with. Maybe every hour, you get up and take a walk around the office or do a few stretches at your desk. Perhaps you'll start your day with a 10-minute yoga session or invite your friends to go on a lunch walk. All these movements add up and will help improve your mood, promote better sleep and even give you more energy to accomplish your other goals.

3. Fuel up on wholesome nutrition

Getting enough key nutrients at every meal is essential to your physical and mental health. When you're properly fueled, you can better concentrate on your goals and how to achieve them. Instead of starting the new year with a restrictive diet, think of ways you can add wholesome, nutritious ingredients to your recipes.

"It's important to give your body the best fuel possible, and there are many foods that are likely already in your diet that can provide what your body needs," says Soto.