Workout and fitness tips for winter

Lifestyle Sunday 03/January/2016 11:25 AM
By: Times News Service
Workout and fitness tips for winter

With the onset of winter, fitness enthusiasts begin to descend on the beaches, parks, and gymnasiums with an aim to shed those extra kilos and tone the body to perfect shape

Mohammed Al Rashdi’s day will not be complete without hitting the Qurum beach early in the morning these days. The 25-year-old, who works for a leading private company, will jog along the sandy beach for about an hour, and take a dip in the cool water before heading to work.

A self-confessed fitness freak, Al Rashdi has been waiting for the cooler months to resume his outdoor fitness activities. “For me, winter is the season to jog on the beach under the clear blue sky. I cannot think of a perfect way to start a day,” he says.

With the onset of winter, hundreds of health conscious people descend on the beaches in the mornings and evenings and engage themselves in various fitness activities with an aim to shed those extra pounds they put on during the festive season. They make most of the weather and work out heavily to reap maximum benefits during the cooler season.

Outdoor activities are the latest fad among fitness enthusiast and it is evident in the increase in number of people venturing out for fitness activities.
Jeril Sebastian, a fitness trainer based in Muscat, says winter is the best time to kick-start fitness work out. “If you sit idle during winter, you tend to eat more and put on weight,” he warns.

According to Jeril, beginners should chart out their plan and stick to it. “They should start with a running programme. But the important thing is to set personal goal and work to achieve it. They have to follow a proper diet that will complement their effort.”

Winter is not just for outdoor fitness activities. It is the best time to begin indoor activities too, as fitness centres come up with tempting offers. Many centres offer high intensity work out schedules to maximise results in less time. “Those training sessions are good if you wish to improve your abilities to push, pull and lift.”

However, Jeril says it is better to note down your height, weight and body mass index before beginning the programme. “It will help you check the progress at the end of each week, which will increase your enthusiasm.”

Rashid Mohammed Al Barwani, founder and owner of RevGX, a leading fitness centre in Oman, says fitness freaks flock to gymnasiums during the winter season for various reasons.

“The weather plays a crucial role. Besides, people set certain fitness goals and try to achieve them before summer.” Al Barwani says group exercise is the latest trend in fitness as it increases stamina and performances.

“It has already caught the imagination of fitness enthusiasts in Oman. We conduct a lot of group exercises in indoors and outdoors. Winter is an ideal time to involve, as everyone will push hard to achieve good results during the pleasant climate,” he says.

According to Jeril, people tend to eat more when the temperature dips. “So it is imperative to maintain an active lifestyle during winter months.

Work out increases metabolism and keeps our hearts healthy. Besides, it enhances mood, boost energy levels and eliminate toxic substances from the body. It also offers protection against cold, cough and flu, which are predominant at this time.” - [email protected]