Ramadan: Where to spend your Zakat

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By: Times News Service
Ramadan: Where to spend your Zakat

The literal meaning of Zakat is ‘to cleanse’. In the Islamic faith, Zakat means purifying your wealth for the will of Allah by acknowledging that everything we own belongs to him and as a means of working towards the betterment of the Muslim Ummah (community). Though Zakat is not always financial, and can include everything from volunteering your time to giving an encouraging word to your fellow man, according to Islamic regulations, Zakat is 2.5% of one year’s total cumulative wealth (there are various ways of calculating what should be counted), and when it comes to these financial donations to the less fortunate, it can be difficult to decide which causes speak most to your heart. We hope these charitable spotlights will help you decide.

{ Spotlight: Islamic Aid}

What they do:
Islamic Aid is helping to provide children with quality education that is free of fear and on their door-steps.
They have established Islamic Aid in the US and continue to expand their support to vital projects in parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Islamic Aid has been helping tens of thousands of children in parts of Asia, Africa, US, and Europe to access quality education and health care and give their
parents the skills and means to earn a decent living.
They are registered with the Charity Commission under Charity Registration Number: 1078489 US 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organisation (EIN 27-0500129).

Find out more and donate:
Online: islamicaid.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0300 111 3001