Oman health: 34 grocery stores closed after food safety raids

Home & Away Tuesday 14/June/2016 09:55 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman health: 34 grocery stores closed after food safety raids

Muscat: Dozens of grocery stores were ordered to close and 294 violation letters issued after a series of food safety raids.

The Directorate General of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in South Al Sharqiya closed 34 grocery shops and issued the violation letters to different food establishments since the beginning of Ramadan.

During its inspection campaign, ministry officials visited 2,839 grocery shops to ensure health and food safety. The shops were fined for their failure to apply health and safety laws.

In the Wilayat of Sur, officials visited 1,399 shops and issued 96 violation letters and 31 warning letters, closing16 shops.

Over 5,000 kilograms of items which were found unfit for human use were destroyed.

Officials also confiscated 144 shaving tools, which were found unfit for use.

In Jalan Bani Bu Ali, the inspectors visited 751 shops and recorded 79 health violations, issued six warnings, and closed 14 shops.

The officials visited 176 food shops, declared 33 health violations and issued five warnings. Officials also destroyed 652 kg of food deemed unsuitable for human consumption.

Ministry officials also visited 275 shops in Al Kamel and Al Wafi and issued 57 health violations, 32 warnings letters and closed four shops.

In Masirah Island, 29 health violations and six warning letters were issued. Around 51 kg of unhealthy food was destroyed during the inspection.