A look at Oman's lowest temperatures

Oman Saturday 08/January/2022 09:24 AM
By: Times News Services
A look at Oman's lowest temperatures

Muscat: The governorates of the Sultanate are witnessing a decrease in temperatures and frost in some areas, but did you know that the Sultanate recorded much lower degrees in previous years?

The General Directorate of Meteorology issued statistics on average minimum temperatures during the month of January, compared to the lowest temperatures recorded in some meteorological stations in previous years.

The lowest temperature recorded in the Governorate of Muscat was 10.7 degrees Celsius in 2006, while the average minimum temperature in the current month of January is 17, and the monitoring stations in Al Buraimi recorded the lowest degrees in previous years, which were 2.5 and 3.2 degrees, respectively, while in January 2022 the average minimum temperature was 11.8 in Buraimi and 10.9 in Hima.