BJP accuses Congress, Left of 'negative politics'; lauds Modi

Books Monday 13/June/2016 20:38 PM
By: Times News Service
BJP accuses Congress, Left of 'negative politics'; lauds Modi

Allahabad: The National Executive of the BJP on Monday showered encomiums on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for setting new dimensions for government's transparent functioning even as it accused Congress and Left of resorting to "petty” and "negative’’ politics.
"This National Executive of the BJP congratulates our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Central Government on achieving incredible success and fulfilling public aspiration within the first two years in power."
The party said it deeply acknowledged Modi’s steps towards the provision of an accountable and transparent governance environment and the timely initiation and completion of schemes.
"The Central Government, keeping in mind the interests of all the classes of society has, through aims for inclusive progress and objectives of national interest increased the respect for the social and cultural symbol of the values of an Indian life. It is due to this that the nation is progressing towards a qualitative change,” the party said in its political resolution passed at the two-day meet.
Training guns on the main Opposition party, it said that in the light of such inclusive progress, the protests by Congress have been unfortunate.
"Diverse political ideologies and views should help in strengthening of the country and in the evolution of new and better policies but the Opposition has not been able to get above petty political issues and views which are affecting the country’s development and better and just distribution of its resources. Congress party has not honoured the decisive mandate of the people of this country and the Left is also propagating negative policies along with the Congress party," the resolution said.
Lauding the government’s initiatives in different spheres like opportunities and progress for the poor, making villages prosperous, cleanliness, it said that the BJP has laid the foundations of a historic and futuristic India through good governance, innovations and a reformist vision.
The resolution also lauded the Prime Minister for adding respect in the country’s image in the world through his visits.
Reaching out to Dalits, which are in sizeable number in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the resolution said that it is worth mentioning that the Prime Minister also presented the human values of Ambedkar during his speeches in the United Nations and the American Congress.
Seeking to present the government as pro-poor, the resolution said that the poor, the labourer and the farmer of the country were now getting a sense of security and of being in the mainstream of development while the youth was now getting more confident.
Indicating that the long-pending Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill can see a forward movement in the next session of Parliament, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley expressed confidence that "legislation activity” can proceed at a faster face with the increase in strength of those parties which support bills in the Rajya Sabha and do not "obstruct”.
"The fact is that BJP and NDA and a lot of other parties which support legislation and do not obstruct have increased their numbers. I am hopeful legislation activity can proceed much more now,” he told reporters.
He was asked about the implications of results of the recent Rajya Sabha elections that saw a dip in Congress numbers, and the prospect of the GST Bill, blocked by the main opposition party seeking amendments, which the government is not keen on.
Jaitley parried questions over Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan, whose continuation has been strongly opposed by BJP MP Subramanian Swamy, and said "We do not discuss these matters through media."
Asked if he will approach All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), which has opposed the GST bill but is seen to be more open to the government’s push, he said, "As far as AIADMK is concerned we have talked to them in past and will definitely speak to them again.
"We will be approaching every political party without exception. As far as legislations are concerned most political parties are in support,” he added.