Kazakhstan: Deadly clashes in Almaty protests

World Thursday 06/January/2022 14:54 PM
By: DW
Kazakhstan: Deadly clashes in Almaty protests
photo: DW

Dozens of demonstrators have been killed as they marched on the city's main square and municipal buildings. The Kazakh army and international peacekeepers have been called in amid violent unrest.

Violent clashes broke out between protestors and security forces in Kazakhstan's largest city of Almaty early Thursday.

City police spokeswoman Saltanat Azirbek told a local news channel that "dozens of attackers were liquidated," when they tried to storm government buildings.

Authorities said at least a dozen police officers died, including one who was found beheaded.

The mayor's office was also reportedly set on fire after demonstrators broke into it.

The fatalities came a day after the army was called in to quell increasingly volatile unrest, witnesses had said they saw armored vehicles and dozens of troops moving on Almaty's main square. Gunshot sounds were also reported.