Wadi Afoul bridge to smooth traffic flow during floods

Oman Sunday 02/January/2022 14:08 PM
By: Times News Service
Wadi Afoul bridge to smooth traffic flow during floods

Muscat: People looking to explore deeper into the Dhofar will be well-served by the Wadi Afoul Bridge when it comes into service.

Intended to contribute to the smooth flow of traffic between the wilayats of Salalah, Rakhyut and Dhalkut, the project is part of the works and projects issued by the Tender Board, and approved in 2021.

“The bridge will also have a role in solving the problem of interruptions to traffic to the western regions of the Dhofar Governorate when wadis are flowing,” said His Excellency Sheikh Issa bin Ahmed Al Maashani, the Wali of Rakhyut, speaking to the Oman News Agency.

The bridge comes under both the aspects of providing better services to motorists, as well as development efforts to improve connectivity within the country.

Adding to this, Youssef bin Salem Al Mashikhi, a Shura Council representative for Wilayat Rakhyut, said,

“The announcement related to this bridge is good news for the inhabitants of Rakhyut and Dhalkut. It is a blessing for them during the reign of His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik, may God protect him.”

The bridge will also help increase connectivity towards the road that leads to the international border with Yemen.

“It is of great importance to the future development of the western region of the Dhofar,” said Al Mashikhi.