For the first time in the Sultanate, Awasr offers “Managed Wi-Fi” service

Roundup Thursday 30/December/2021 17:18 PM
By: Times News Service
For the first time in the Sultanate, Awasr offers “Managed Wi-Fi” service

Awasr is the first specialized telecom company to provide internet over a broadband network in the Sultanate. It provides managed Wi-Fi for the first time in the Sultanate, where Awasr customers from all government institutions and enterprise sectors will be able to obtain a distinct and high-performance Wi-Fi service to access the Internet via the fiber high speed network.

In a statement to Abdulmonem bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Chief Operating Officer of Awasr, he stressed the company’s constant endeavor to provide the latest technologies and systems in the world, in cooperation with major international companies to ensure the quality of services and products provided to its customers from all sectors, this service is powered by Ruckus Networks/CommScope which is considered as the best producer of Wi-Fi systems in the world through their local partner "Tawasul". This service is managed by highly trained professionals team working around the clock at Awasr's Network Operations Center, where networks are monitored to ensure excellent customer service is provided. Providing this service will reduce the operational cost of subscribers compared to traditional services that require large capital expenditures for hardware, operation, and licensing.  
Commenting on this topic, Engineer Khamis Al-Barhi, Head of Technology at Awasr, said that providing "managed Wi-Fi" is one of the technical solutions that provides a high-quality and secure data experience to subscribers, and it also provides high-speed and scalable services, whether for subscribers, their employees or their customers, and the service we offer takes advantage of the high-speed broadband network to support the Wi-Fi network, and the service is managed by a specialized team in the Awasr operations where the central administration of this service provides quick solutions to any malfunctions that may occur. Recently, Awasr has provided this service to many subscribers from all sectors, which contributed to providing a unique experience to their customers and employees. Using this service, our subscribers were able to obtain an analysis of their customers’ categories based on the personal data recorded in each device connected to the Wi-Fi network using the concept of algorithms. Based on this analysis, our subscribers were able to provide customized commercials offers for each category of their clients and adding new products and services to meet their customer’s needs.
In a statement to Eng. Mohamed Hassan, Operations Manager at “Tawasul”, he said we are proud of this partnership with Awasr, which will help us enhance our vision and develop our services to provide a strong and flexible network via Wi-Fi. This service has been designed based on scientific and global studies dedicated to providing the best experience for its users. The service provides many advantages such as controlling the bandwidth, central multi-layered security base to control access to the network, automatic tracking of all users and devices and detection, prevention, and limitation of electronic intrusions.

Eng. Essam Al Ismaili, Head of Commercial at Awasr, expressed his happiness with the new service, pointing out that the “Managed Wi-Fi” service is a new experience in the Omani market, as this service supports all subscribers needs, the subscribers can control more than 1,000 internal and external access points. Awasr provides tailored solutions for each customer so that they can get the best price and service at the same time. Our specialists provide the best solutions and advice based on the study of the site and the number of expected end users and the speeds required to access the Internet.

Those interested customer from government institutions and enterprise sectors can obtain this service and any additional information about this service by contacting their account manager or by calling the call center designated for government institutions and enterprise sectors on the toll-free number:  80009999 Or send an email to this address: [email protected]