His Majesty presides over cabinet meeting

Oman Thursday 30/December/2021 12:42 PM
His Majesty presides over cabinet meeting
His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik. - ONA

Muscat: His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik on Thursday presided over a meeting of the Council of Ministers at Al Baraka Palace. At the outset of the meeting, His Majesty the Sultan gave thanks and praise to the Almighty Allah for the plentiful riches He has bestowed on Oman and its people. His Majesty the Sultan prayed to the Almighty to perpetuate His bounties on this dear country, its citizens and residents, and to endow all with full health and blessings.

Then, His Majesty the Sultan reviewed domestic affairs and affirmed that the accomplishments made in various spheres at the national level was the outcome of collaboration of efforts exerted by all officials and institutions of the State. In particular, His Majesty the Sultan commended the positive role undertaken by the government to improve the financial position. He lauded the efforts made to curtail the State Budget’s deficit and achieve fiscal sustainability, which reflected positively on economic and monetary indices and on Oman’s global rating, despite the adverse international circumstances and the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

His Majesty the Sultan explained that the positive results realised at the economic and social levels enabled the government to implement a number of programmes and finalise many initiatives and strategic projects.

Upon the approach of the second year of the 10th Five Year Plan, the first leg in Oman Vision 2040, His Majesty the Sultan gave directives to all the departments concerned to exert greater efforts and make them harmonious with the implementation of scheduled plans and programmes.

 He also urged all to address the challenges that might come in the way and to focus on economic diversification sectors. All should stick to the implementation and follow-up of the programmes to achieve the targets of Oman Vision 2040 and put the national economy on the right track for a healthy growth, His Majesty said.

As part of the Royal attention accorded to social aspects and the execution of development projects, His Majesty the Sultan affirmed that the 10th Five Year Plan comprised a number of development projects that have a social dimension (in different governorates), like schools, internal roads and social residences. In this context, His Majesty the Sultan exhorted the governors to follow up the implementation of planned projects and to coordinate with the departments concerned.

In his review of the progress made in the National Employment Programme, labour recruitment initiatives and the efforts exerted in civil and military sectors, as well as the private sector during 2021, His Majesty the Sultan laid emphasis on according more attention to ensure the continuation of employment of jobseekers, particularly young people, in different sectors.

After reviewing the integration of efforts made across different institutions of the State and the report of the State Audit Institution for 2020, His Majesty the Sultan underlined the need to devise suitable mechanisms to tackle any challenges and advance the public interest.

Referring to the successive surge in infection with Covid-19 mutating variants around the world recently, His Majesty the Sultan urged all individuals of society to adhere to the precautionary measures endorsed by the authorities concerned in a bid to help protect public health and ensure the sustained operation of institutions of the State and establishments of the private sector.

His Majesty the Sultan also spoke about Oman’s relations with Arab and friendly countries. He expressed his appreciation for the recent active exchange of visits and the positive outcome of the same. His Majesty underscored Oman’s keenness to promote cooperation with all countries of the world and realise interests of all.

At the conclusion of the meeting, His Majesty the Sultan gave his Royal directives to accord attention to all issues of interest to the nation and the citizens.