Year-ender 2021: Innovative gadgets that brought a sense of novelty this year

Business Wednesday 29/December/2021 06:45 AM
Year-ender 2021: Innovative gadgets that brought a sense of novelty this year

New Delhi: Technology is a term that can be simply defined as methods, systems, and devices that are a result of scientific knowledge being put to use for practical daily purposes.

In 2021, despite various challenges, varying from supply chain uncertainties to logistic issues, the world of tech simply refused to bow down to the difficulties amid the COVID pandemic. From devices that make life easier at home to those that help us stay safe and healthy, the year gave us cutting-edge gadgets until its very end. While it's quite hard for a non-tech person to keep up with all the latest inventions, it's much harder for a tech enthusiast who always succumbs to the coolest ones. That agonizing dilemma of lusting over weird electronic novelties even when you reckon that you don't need them really hits home for all the technophiles out there.

Since it is undoubtedly a laborious process to track it all, hence we have made a roundup of some of the most innovative gadgets that came out in 2021.

1. LG Display Transparent OLED TV
The LG Display Transparent OLED TV, which was introduced at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021, still remains one of the most innovative gadgets to come out this year. The TV has been designed to roll up from the foot of a bed, offering a space-saving way to view information and surf content. This gadget that is also 40 per cent transparent was launched as a concept product.

2. Mojo Vision's AR contact lens
Yet another tech that would be considered as one of the most innovative gadgets of 2021 is the Mojo Vision's AR contact lens. It displays information over the user's field of view in a discreet manner. The lens is great for those who give lectures, presentations, etc. and don't want to keep checking down at their notes again and again.

3. Respira smart air-purifying garden
The Respira smart air-purifying garden is a gadget that takes air purifying technology a notch higher. It helps in cleaning your home's air through biofiltration and adds humidity and evaporative cooling. Additionally, the self-watering garden also adds aesthetic beauty to your interiors.

4. Amazon Astro household robot
In 2021, along with all the other innovations, we also saw new possibilities for robotic household help like the Amazon Astro household robot, which reminds us of the Disney Pixar character Wall-E. Its periscope camera extends to 42 inches off the floor, letting the user remotely inspect even hard-to-see areas. This might finally be the home robot that succeeds.

5. Razer Zephyr RGB wearable air purifier
Though initially developed only as a concept gadget, the Razer Zephyr RGB wearable air purifier is now a product one can actually buy. With N95-grade filters that last three times longer than single-use surgical masks, this product ensures the air you're breathing is safe. Meanwhile, the dual 2-speed fans on it will keep you thoroughly comfortable.

6. Framework Laptop
The 13.5-inch Framework Laptop is one of the few products from 2021 that delivers on all counts, addressing one of the biggest drawbacks in modern laptops as part of the right-to-repair movement. Featuring a totally modular design where people can swap parts as they break or become obsolete, this laptop delivers solid performance at competitive prices and without sacrificing aesthetics.

7. Turtle Beach Recon Controller
While some enthusiasts might find Turtle Beach's game controller underwhelming in some ways, but it makes sense that the company, with its long-time roots in audio becoming the first one to put an amp in a controller. It's a wired USB model that works with Xbox or PC, adding equalizer presets, volume, mic mute, mic monitoring and more to any analog headset you plug into it.

The 21st century has been a time frame of technological change with several highly commercial and prevalent gadgets from the early 2000s entirely vanishing and new ones taking their place.

With noteworthy gadgets being developed by brands in response to global challenges and trends, these new technologies are only likely to grow in future and gradually reach an even wider user base.