We Love Oman: Beautiful beaches and bay at Mirbat

Oman Tuesday 28/December/2021 22:08 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Beautiful beaches and bay at Mirbat

The Wilayat of Mirbat, which is about 74 kilometres from the city of Salalah, is one of the important historic cities in the Governorate of Dhofar, located on the plain of Jabal Samhan overlooking the Arabian Sea coast. It was famous in the ninth century AD for breeding horses and exporting them to many Arab and Islamic ports and cities, in addition to the trade of frankincense and various craft products.

Mirbat has many natural tourist sites, historical monuments and buildings of ancient architecture, most notably the castle of Mirbat, which is one of the most important historical and archeological sites in the wilayat. It overlooks the coast of the ancient port of Mirbat and dates back to the ninth century AD.
Mirbat is famous for the beautiful beaches and bays, which are considered to be the most important tourist attractions because of its beauty and rare marine resources. There is an active tourist movement throughout the year, especially during weekends to enjoy fishing and seeing the coral reefs.
In the Wilayat of Mirbat, there are many rare marine fisheries, the most famous of which are Abalone and Lobster, which are considered one of the richest marine fisheries.
Abalone can be found in the beaches between Mirbat and the Niyabat of Sharbathat in the Wilayat of Shalim and Al Hallaniyat Islands.

The port of Mirbat is one of the sites frequented by tourists and visitors. The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has set a plan to develop and expand the port and the establishment of facilities for fishermen and visitors.

Jabal Samhan “Samhan Mountain” is a tourist destination as it is one of the most important mountain ranges in the Governorate of Dhofar with a maximum height of 2,100 meters.Hiyour Cave is located at the top of Jabal Samhan. It is considered as one of the most important tourist places because of its mountainous location overlooking the Wilayat of Mirbat.

Tawi Ateer Sinkhole, known as “Birds Well”, is a natural tourist attraction in the Wilaya. It is about 112 meters deep, 130 - 150 meters in diameter. It is one of the largest sinkholes in the world. It is located within walking distance of the north of the administrative center. There is a paved road to the site and parking.

Teeq Cave is also located in the same area. It is 170,000 square meters in size and is the second largest cave in the world. The Gravity Area in the Niyabat of Tawi Ateer is one of the tourist sites that attract visitors due to a strange and rare phenomenon that attracts some visitors, where cars go up instead of down. The area is located at the beginning of “Hshir Aqaba” on the off-road from the main road leading to the Wilayat of Mirbat.