Changan’s services in 11 different authorised service centres across Oman

Roundup Monday 27/December/2021 21:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Changan’s services in 11 different authorised service centres across Oman

On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of Changan in Oman, Mr. Vinnie – Vice Director of Changan MENA region spoke to Times of Oman. Here are the excerpts from his interview:

What makes Changan such a huge success? Could you tell us a little bit about the brand?

Changan Automobile has an enriching history of 159 years (established in 1862), and 62 years of automobile making. ‘CHANG’ means lasting and ‘AN’ means safety, therefore, Changan together represents the idea of “Lasting Safety. Changan has been ranked No.1 in R&D capability in China’s automotive industry for 5 sessions in the past ten years. It has 3 R&D centres in China’s Chongqing, Shanghai and Beijing and 4 overseas facilities in Turin of Italy, Yokohama of Japan, Nottingham of UK and Detroit in Silicon Valley of USA. With world class R&D facilities and a rich heritage, Changan develops products which are advanced, high-tech, innovative and reliable yet available at an affordable price. Changan Auto also is a premium brand and in 2022 we are planning to launch UNI Brand series to GCC markets. It is No. 1 Chinese Brand in GCC in terms of sales and brand value.

What were the key reasons you decided to step into the Oman market?  

Oman is a very beautiful country and yet the topography is one of the toughest. It has high hills, deserts, good roads with average speeds being the highest and in summers the temperatures are one of the highest. The requirements of Oman customers are also one of the most diverse. This makes Oman market one of the most challenging. Changan has shown good performance and reliability in GCC and Middle East markets and over the 1 year in the Oman market.
Partnering with Bahwan International Group, we are well positioned for this market. We are very happy that our partner is Building the Brand and customer satisfaction for Changan brand in Oman.

Changan is known to have the most comprehensive Test Field. Could you tell us a little about that?

Changan has a world class track which has the most complete and comprehensive Test Field in China for testing its models. With an investment of USD 0.29 Billion, it has 70 kinds of test routes and it covers 2.2 mil m2 of total area. It has unique roads for high speed testing, off road testing for 4WD vehicles, brake test lane, noise test track, general comfort road, durability test track, standard gradient road, abnormal sound tests and traction test road. It is one of the largest of its kind in Asia.

What are the UNI Series models which you planning to launch this year in GCC?

Changan models in Oman have been well accepted based on their high quality and premium products features.’ UNI brand of models are very futuristic vehicles which will be futuristic and fun to drive. This luxury model range “UNI -series” will be having design, styling and features you only see in Luxury brands but at an affordable price. Oman topography is such that customers prefer to buy Crossover and SUVs and our range includes many SUV models for different segments.
This range will be expanded very soon with new models already planned for 2022… UNI T & UNI K. All Changan products are designed to be “hi-tech and trendy, efficient and clean, safe and smart”.

What is Changan Auto’s USP?

Firstly, Changan Auto models are very premium, technically advanced, attractive in design with advance safety and yet available at affordable prices. Changan uses Bluecore Powertrain technology based on the principles of power, clean and quiet to provide customers with a product which is highly efficient and energy saving.CS95 is the flagship model of CHANGAN and is a perfect 7-Seater SUV for a large modern family who wants to travel in luxury with business class comfort.  It comes with Remote start, 360° Camera, Radar based safety features, Dual HD screen, perforated leather seats. CS 85 is a sporty Coupe designed SUV which is very stylish and fashionable with features and Interiors of a Luxury car brand. It is equipped with an 8 Speed gear box, Radar based features and remote parking. The Mid-size SUV CS75 Plus comes with innovative features. The Small SUV CS35 Plus youthful design and performance, as well as the mid-size Sedan EADO Plus refreshing in styling and design provide a good choice to young generation and small family customers. Alsvin is our entry level Sedan which is very economical and safe. UNI Brand series of vehicles will be Futuristic Luxury models with usage of artificial intelligence, intelligent technology and ultimate interactive experience. Keep watching us to see the future!

Can you brief us about the aftersales support for Changan?

Our local partner Bahwan International group has ensured aftersales service standards to all Changan customers in Oman. Changan customers can now avail services in 11 different authorized service centers across Oman. Spare parts are adequately stored in Oman and we have also regional tie-up if in case of any urgent requirements of non-moving parts.