Royal Hospital issues clarification about ultrasound scans

Oman Wednesday 22/December/2021 21:54 PM
By: Times News Services
Royal Hospital issues clarification about ultrasound scans

Muscat: The Royal Hospital published a clarification about what is being circulated on social media about the delay in the appointments for performing ultrasound scans.

The hospital stated that it followed a number of tweets about the delay in performing ultrasound and its management would like to clarify some points for the community, which are:

 1- More than 16,000 ultrasounds were conducted in 2021 until the end of November, an increase of 1,500 radiation compared to the same period in 2020.

 2- The Department of Radiology increased the number of daily ultrasound appointments more than 6 months ago, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

 3- The hospital sought to open ultrasound rooms in the evening and weekend periods, as in the operating rooms, but the limited specialised human cadre prevented this.

The hospital confirmed that, in coordination with the relevant authorities in the ministry, it made great efforts to recruit additional specialised medical cadres, were it not for the negative effects of the pandemic, which hampered the recruitment process and accompanying interviews.

The hospital administration said it hopes to obtain a number of specialised cadres soon to help carry out the scans in the evening and the weekends.