Skin care for women when they hit their 50s

T-Mag Wednesday 22/December/2021 19:21 PM
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Skin care for women when they hit their 50s

When women hit their 50s several changes in the body start to appear. This time in a woman’s life can bring bothersome and debilitating symptoms which can significantly affect a woman’s health and daily routines.

Women may notice physical changes in their skin as one of the first symptoms as they age. “When you’re young, your body produces an abundance of collagen, the main skin-supporting protein that keeps your face supple and hydrated, ” said renowned natural health physician and author in the US, Dr. Fred Pescatore. “Studies show that women lose about 30% of their skin’s collagen during the first five years of menopause due to hormonal shifts.”

With collagen loss, skin becomes thinner and prone to wrinkles. It also loses the ability to protect itself, maintain hydration, and produce strong collagen the way it once could. Many women see these changes reflected in increased bags under the eyes, sagging neck skin, and increased hyperpigmentation in the face and hands.

There are several ways for women to minimize and manage skin health concerns that appear during this period.

Minimise Sun Exposure

Try to avoid direct sun exposure. Some women experience increased hyperpigmentation on their face and hands, often referred to as dark spots, leading up to and during menopause. This is caused by a combination of hormonal changes and sun exposure. “You can help minimise your skin’s exposure to the sun by wearing SPF, hats and gloves when outdoors,” said Dr. Pescatore.

Take Shorter Showers

Keep showers short and not too hot. “Spending too much time in water, especially hot water, strips natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry,” said Dr. Pescatore. In the time leading up to and during menopause, your skin is at increased risk for dryness, so try to take short, lukewarm showers to keep skin optimally hydrated.

Add a Proven Supplement

Look for ingredients that can stimulate collagen production and help improve the health of your skin from inside and out. Numerous clinical studies have shown that daily supplementation can help minimise various skin concerns middle-aged women experience.