Something not right in the Indian camp

Opinion Tuesday 14/December/2021 17:42 PM
By: Anis Sajan, Vice Chairman, Danube group
Something not right in the Indian camp

Something is not right in the Indian camp. The bubble seems to have burst after the removal of Virat Kohli as Captain from the ODI team.

Yesterday it was announced that Rohit Sharma would be missing the test series because of a hamstring injury for which Virat Kohli is the captain. The injury as mentioned seems to have taken place in the nets which no clarity has not been given beforehand. And then today the news broke out that Virat Kohli will be missing the ODI series in South Africa to celebrate his daughters first birthday.

We had not heard a single comment so far from Virat Kohli after his axing as ODI Captain but his childhood coach Raj Kumar Sharma had said in the media that there was no transparency or communication given to Virat for his removal as Captain of ODI team.

Things don't look good at the moment and hope Rahul Dravid the head coach can get the cold war which seems to be clearly visible between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma to end as both are stalwarts of Indian team and mind you no one if above the team. The best way to end this drama is to keep cricket away from Politics which is hampering Indian cricket. Today India is number one in Test Cricket, number two in T20 and number 4 in ODI cricket and can top all three formats if the talent what India has is well used by the senior personality of the Indian team.