Fuel station employee 'missing' in Oman

Business Sunday 12/June/2016 12:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Fuel station employee 'missing' in Oman

Muscat: Police in Oman are investigating the sudden disappearance of a fuel filling station attendant from Friday night.
John Philip, an Indian fuel station employee at Sunaina near Ibri, some 217 kilometres from Muscat, has been missing since Friday night.
Police are now searching for him after a colleague reported for duty on Saturday morning and found signs of disturbance at the filling station kiosk.
No complaint
“John was a good person. I knew him for the last nine years. We never had any complaint against him. He was a perfect guy at work. We are praying for his well-being,” said Kashif Nisar, the manager of the company where John was employed. John hails from the south Indian state of Kerala.
“We met police officials today, also. They are trying their best to locate John,” Kashif said.
“John was on the night duty. His colleague who came on Saturday morning found John missing. The office was open and money was missing. Some blood spots were found on the floor and even Close Circuit TV cameras were damaged. The colleague then contacted the nearby fuel station in Hafidh and they informed the police,” John’s fellow worker told Times of Oman.
“The colleague is assisting the police as part of the investigation process,” they added.
Earlier in the day, a police official confirmed the incident to Times of Oman and said a thorough investigation is being carried out.