‘HIMMA’ Programme Organises Workshop for Executive Directors at The Zubair Corporation

Roundup Sunday 05/December/2021 15:14 PM
By: Times News Service
‘HIMMA’ Programme Organises Workshop for Executive Directors at The Zubair Corporation

Muscat: The‘HIMMA’ programme, which aims to develop and empower high-potential Omani talents within the Corporation and its subsidiaries, recently conducted a workshop for executive directors. This followed the completion of the programme’s first and second courses and looked to discuss the project proposals submitted by the participants. In addition, it was targeted to test the appropriate projects, as per its economic feasibility, to be implemented across various companies of the group.

Commenting on this workshop, Hilal Omar Al Siyabi, Chief Corporate Services Officer at The Zubair Corporation, said, “The projects discussed today are intended to improve the quality of performance and are aligned with the programme's objectives of optimal investment in human capital. This is made possible by providing the appropriate environment for national competencies to enhance ‘creativity and continuous development in their career path.”

“We are in the process of implementing these projects on ground across the different companies and institutions that are part Corporation’s subsidiaries. The "HIMMA" programme was designed to be one of the main pillars of The Zubair Corporation’s strategy, in the field of developing and managing human resources within the group companies. This programme is integrated with the human resources development programmes and initiatives that were previously implemented by the Corporation. The Zubair Corporation aims to enter into a new stage of excellence and sophistication by spreading the spirit of challenge and motivation amongst employees. By further enriching innovation at work, we can look forward to enhancing productivity,” he added.

Gerry Woods, Instructor of HIMMA Programme from Impact Management Services (IMS) said, “The importance of this workshop stems from the objective to ensure the success of "HIMMA" programme by surveying the opinions of executive directors. This play a vital role in the success of the institutional transformation process of The Zubair Corporation and its subsidiaries.”

For his part, Moussa Al Moussawi, one of the executive directors participating in the programme, said, “The workshop was very interactive, especially concerning the discussion of the projects proposed by the 15 employees, who were participating in the programme. These are in line with the objectives of the Oman 2040 vision as well as the future vision of The Zubair Corporation.”

The Zubair Corporation recently celebrated the reception of the first batch of employees participating in the "HIMMA" programme to develop promising Omani competencies, which comes under the slogan ‘Towards a promising career future’ one of the initiatives launched by the Taskforce for Empowering High-potential Omani Talents team in The Zubair Corporation.