Place of worship in Oman: Jama’a Al Sarooj

Home & Away Sunday 12/June/2016 08:27 AM
By: Times News Service
Place of worship in Oman: Jama’a Al Sarooj

Ramadan presents a great opportunity to go pray in beautiful houses of worship that you might not otherwise see. Whether for Taraweeh prayers or Dhuhr, pay a visit to one of Muscat’s architectural monuments of faith.

{ Jama’a Al Sarooj }

Al Sarooj Mosque has a particularly stunning interior, and it has the claim to fame of being the closest mosque to the beach. Located in Shatti Al Qurum, near Al Masa Mall, it was re-opened after renovations in 2005 and now features a large events hall. It has a dark, North African-inspired interior, decorated with flowery patterned tiles in orange, green, and white hues. The ceiling is decked-out in green pastel with cream-coloured carvings, along with a large chandelier that is encircled by the Holy Quran versus etched in white on a black background.