Oman sees zero COVID deaths for 22 consecutive days

Oman Tuesday 30/November/2021 23:30 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman sees zero COVID deaths for 22 consecutive days
The total number of new COVID-19 infections in November stood at 263, at an average rate of nine new infections per day.

Muscat: With less than 265 new infections and two deaths, November has been the best month since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Less than 10 new infections were recorded for 17 days and no hospitalisation of patients was registered for five consecutive days.

An official from the Ministry of Health confirmed to the Times of Oman that the decrease in COVID-19 cases during the month of November is due to the high rate of vaccination against the coronavirus. With the higher rate of vaccination, the infections have declined, and the precautionary measures such as washing, sterilising hands, avoiding crowds, wearing masks, have also played a major role in reducing the spread of virus, and the PCR examination for travellers is also very important in ensuring that they are free from infection, he added.

Speaking exclusively to the Times of Oman, Ibrahim Al Maimani, data analyst and an activist on social media said, “The total number of new infections in November reached 263, at a rate of nine new infections per day, and this rate is the lowest since April 2020. On the other hand, 373 new patients recovered with an average of 12 new recoveries per day. The number of patients decreased to 436 with a slight increase in the cure rate of 98.51 per cent.”

In terms of hospitalised patients Al Maimani said that there was a decrease in the number of inpatients in hospitals by 43 per cent.

At the end of October there were seven patients, a number that decreased to four by the end of November, he added.

“As for the intensive care patients, their number also decreased, reaching three patients towards the end of October and after the end of November only one patient remains in hospital. This has happened only for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic,” he added.

With regard to deaths, Al Maimani said, “Two deaths were recorded in November, and it is worth noting that zero deaths were recorded for 28 days during this month.”

“The total deaths in October reached 15, as opposed to the month of September, when 32 people died.”

As for the hospitalised patients in the last 24 hours, he confirmed that “the numbers continued to decline to less than four patients from the beginning of November until the end of the month. It was also noted that no hospitalisation was recorded during the last five days, which is a very positive indicator.”