Unsung Heroes: ICU Staff Nurse has a message to all on National Day

T TV Thursday 18/November/2021 16:14 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: On the occasion of the 51st National Day, Zakia Al Waili, an ICU Staff Nurse at the DG of Khoula Hospital, spoke to Times TV about her experience during the Covid-19 pandemic so far and signed off with a message for all of us.

“I have been working here for 5 years so I have been present through the pandemic, from the start. It was not easy at first, for everyone. Us, the patient, their family and all. We worked very hard to provide them with care, emotional support and treatment,” she said.

Recounting one of the stories that remained with her during the pandemic, she said, “There was this lady, so strong. She was pregnant and in the ICU. She was a warrior. She fought to recover, and managed to get out of the ICU and had her baby. It was a very heartwarming story.”

Zakia wished everyone for the occasion but also reminded all to continue taking precautionary measures. “Keep your hands clean, wash regularly and use sanitiser. Use your masks. All of these will keep you safe. I am happy that cases are reducing, but we still live with a mixture of anxiety about another wave and also still have our hopes high on being able to deal with that too,” she said.