Six inspiring storage solutions from simple to sophisticated

T-Mag Wednesday 17/November/2021 14:59 PM
By: NewsUSA
Six inspiring storage solutions from simple to sophisticated

There's no such thing as too much storage space. And that goes double for thoughtfully
designed, carefully constructed cabinets, closets, shelves, and other home storage solutions. The most successful built-in storage answers a specific need, notes Linda Jovanovich,  of the American Hardwood Information Centre.

It might be micro scale, like a drawer to store and charge electronic devices, or a macro project, such as outfitting an entire mudroom, but its usefulness, durability, and aesthetics will depend on how good the planning, materials, and execution are. Here are six inspiring examples;

1. In-drawer charging station
Smartphones, tablets, and other personal electronic devices, along with their tangle-prone power cords, are a perennial source of clutter. A dedicated drawer equipped with a charging outlet looks great against the blond wood millwork-while they power up..

2. Pots and pans drawers and pullouts

A deep centre drawer holding bulky saucepans is flanked by a pair of vertical pull outs for smaller utensils and bottles of cooking oil, a practical and elegant solution.

3.  Kitchen island storage
 Fancy cabinetry makes exemplary use of the centre island's inherent storage possibilities. Open shelves and deep cubbies not only help break up a visually massive piece of solid-walnut furniture but also provide neat pigeonholes for magazines and attractive display space for silverware, ceramics, and wickerwork.

4. Under-stair storage
The wedge-shape void beneath a staircase is often underutilised real estate in multilevel residences. Make the most of this no-man's-land in a tiny loft with a
triangle of custom built-in cupboards and drawers. Exquisitely calibrated to use the maximum available space, the storage wall also creates an almost sculptural work of decorative design.

5. Built-in storage
The space at the top of a staircase can be almost as problematic as the underside. Use custom hardwood shelving, cabinets, and wine-storage system to create a welcoming and practical cellar in what otherwise could be a wasted nook.

6. Mud room built-ins
While all share a bench for taking off boots, there are individual under-seat recesses for storing damp footwear, hooks for outdoor clothing, and wire-mesh-fronted lockers for personal items.