HM receives greetings from Sayyid Fahd and Sayyid Shihab on 51st National Day

Oman Tuesday 16/November/2021 15:52 PM
HM receives greetings from Sayyid Fahd and Sayyid Shihab on 51st National Day
His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik

Muscat: His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik has received greetings from His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud Al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers and His Highness Sayyid Shihab bin Tarik Al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for Defence Affairs, on the occasion of the 51st National Day.

Your Majesty, Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik, may the Almighty Allah protect you

Upon the happy advent of the 51st National Day Anniversary, in pursuance of the developmental achievements covering all parts of our dear homeland, the Council of Ministers is honoured to greet Your Majesty on this auspicious occasion, praying to the Almighty Allah to endow Your Majesty with divine assistance to achieve further progress and prosperity for Oman.

Your Majesty,

The Sultanate of Oman takes pride in the comprehensive renaissance it accomplished over the past five decades. It has become a modern state established on solid foundations. The country’s leadership strives to provide decent life for citizens in a society governed by principles of equality in rights and duties.

In its resolve to safeguard these accomplishments and to explore future prospects of progress, the government presses ahead with Oman Vision 2040, which envisages the best rates of growth and the realization of the comprehensive, sustainable development march.

The success made by Oman is not limited to the local arena, but it extends to regional and international fronts. Oman earned the respect and appreciation of all, thanks to its balanced policy focusing on the promotion of dialogue and good neighborliness and the consolidation of understanding and harmony, so that security and peace prevail all over the world.

The Council of Ministers will continue to exert efforts to carry forward the banner of development and modernisation in all walks of life. Oman will remain an oasis of bounty, progress and prosperity.

We, at the Council of Ministers, pray to the Almighty Allah that this glorious occasion returns over and again and finds Your Majesty in full health and happiness.

In his greetings, Sayyid Shihab, said: “Your Majesty, Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik, the Supreme Commander, may the Almighty Allah protect you.

 On the occasion of the 18th of November, the glorious national anniversary, I am honoured, and so are your valiant Armed Forces and personnel of the Ministry of Defence, to express our sincerest greetings, coupled with heartfelt prayers that the Almighty Allah guard Your Majesty under His divine care, endow Your Majesty with good health, happiness and a long life and bestow the bounties of prosperity, peace and stability on our dear homeland, Oman.

Your Majesty,

As the 18th of November dawns on Oman, this land of splendor and glory receives the fragrant breeze of its 51st National Day, which celebrates its comprehensive development under the auspicious Renewed Renaissance led by Your Majesty.

Inspired by Your Majesty’s farsighted thought, the march of bounty presses ahead with firm resolve towards the attainment of its noble goals of making progress in all spheres and contemplating a more brilliant future based on pillars of Oman Vision 2040.

Your Majesty, the Supreme Commander

Your Majesty’s triumphant Armed Forces set models of praiseworthy national epics to be added to the accomplishments of Oman’s deep-rooted history. The Armed Forces stand in adoration, respect and gratitude for the great status they attained, being an established modern force that defends the country’s territory and safeguard its gains and stability.

The Armed Forces’ services to citizens and residents are manifest and immeasurable.

The Armed Forces have been honoured by the Royal visit of Your Majesty to a number of their units.

Your Majesty,

The personnel of your Armed Forces are also honoured to take the lead in providing all types of support to other sectors of the State. This strong presence was deeply felt as the Armed Forces spearheaded national action in the aftermath of the tropical cyclone /Shaheen/. It was a historic feat credited to servicemen who supported those who suffered most from the climatic condition.

Your Majesty, the Supreme Commander,

The personnel of the victorious Armed Forces hereby renew the pledge of loyalty and allegiance to Your Majesty and to dear Oman under Your Majesty’s wise leadership. They are steadfast in their timeless oath of 'Faith in Allah, Allegiance to the Sultan, Defence of the Nation'.

May the Almighty Allah protect Your Majesty, may He guide you to achieve further progress for Oman, and may He guard you as a source of inspiration for the nation and its citizens.”