Oman Hydrogen Center signs agreement with Siemens Energy Oman

Roundup Thursday 11/November/2021 11:48 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman Hydrogen Center signs agreement with Siemens Energy Oman

Oman Hydrogen Center (OHC) signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Siemens Energy Oman to collaborate on Hydrogen Energy projects and initiatives in the Sultanate of Oman.  Oman Hydrogen Center is hosted by the German University of Technology (GUtech).

German University of Technology (owned by Oman Educational Services) has always been fully committed to the development and enhancement of the Omani resources especially of our youth in the fields of education, innovation, technology, and economy. In 2018, GUtech took on hydrogen energy as a prime initiative. In 2019, GUtech held the first conference of its kind in Oman, the Oman Hydrogen Symposium with the support of the Ministry of Oil and Gas and their German partners, Hydrogen Rise. The symposium made clear that Oman would benefit a lot from the diversification of its economy and the transition to renewable energy which can be utilized domestically or exported to other countries.

Since its creation, the focus of the Oman Hydrogen Center has been to provide research and development, networking communication, education and economic guidance to provide support in all Hydrogen initiatives in the Sultanate of Oman. It has been successful in creating awareness about hydrogen energy in Oman, engaging with stakeholders and creating a dialogue on hydrogen energy and green hydrogen. In August this year GUtech along with other major stakeholders signed and formed the National Hydrogen Alliance.
The collaboration between Oman Hydrogen Center and Siemens Energy Oman further assists and enables the development of the hydrogen industry in the sultanate. The areas of collaboration include identifying feasible green hydrogen applications; proposing storage solutions; production; transportation; hydrogen society plan and energy policy.

Dr. Hussain Bin Sulaiman AL Salmi CEO of Oman Educational Services and the Acting Rector of GUtech said, “The Oman Hydrogen Centre is focused on Oman specific topics of the hydrogen- based energy transition and is developing a roadmap for related research and development work in order to support recommendations for an implementation roadmap for Oman. The Centre contributes with own research activities in close cooperation with academic and industrial partners. The strength of OHC is not limited merely to its own local resources, we are proud of our strong linkage with our partners in Germany such as RWTH Aachen university or the German industry partners, as well with other international partners such as the Japanese academic institutions like Nagoya university."

"I would call today's event as another milestone for OHC, to have this strategic partnership with Siemens Energy LLC Oman that we are proud to be joining hands with. They are globally active and bring great value to our collaboration.”

Mr. Khalid Bin Hadi, Managing Director of Siemens Energy Oman said, “Green hydrogen has the potential to become a core part of the future clean economy in Oman and play an important role to unlock a more sustainable and decarbonized future for all. As we work to advance the development of this new industry it will be the strong, dedicated partnerships like ours that will ensure success. As a leading pioneer in the green hydrogen industry we are proud to collaborate with the Oman Hydrogen Centre to enable Oman’s clean energy and hydrogen ambitions.”

The purpose of this collaboration is to identify and support local applications for green hydrogen, providing technical expertise in relation to developing green hydrogen solutions and offering support in gaining access to relative local industries.

The main objective is to develop a green hydrogen masterplan that details practical applications of green hydrogen in Oman and work collaboratively to realize them. This initiative is in line with the energy and economic targets set for Oman Vision 2040 as well as UN Sustainable Development Goals.