A day with seafood snacks

T-Mag Wednesday 10/November/2021 18:42 PM
By: Brandpoint Content
A day with seafood snacks

Whether you're cheering on your favourite team from the stadium or "homegating" from the couch, or enjoying a family get-together delicious food is an essential element of fun. Finger foods are an especially great option as they are simple to make while still packing a lot of flavour into just one or two bites.

If you're seeking inspiration consider these delicious and simple-to-make seafood snack options:

Seafood sampler

Elevate your game day with seafood favourites that can be made in minutes. Create your own platter of coastal seafood favourites, starting with Shrimp Spring Rolls made from tender shrimp and crispy vegetables paired with a sweet chili sauce. Take your platter to the next level with Lobster and Shrimp Bites, each bite of these great bite sized appetisers is packed with lobster, shrimp, cheddar cheese, shallots and savoury herbs. And for a crowd craving a taste of the ocean, heat up calamari.

Make it a taco night

Buffalo Shrimp Tacos are a surefire way to provide an easy, DIY meal for your entire party. Just cook one package of Popcorn Shrimp with butter, buffalo sauce and ranch dressing, and pile red cabbage, lettuce, red onion, cilantro and any other garnishes of your choice high onto corn tortillas for a fresh and tangy crunch. It's a quick and efficient way to turn finger foods into a create-your-own game day meal.

Crab poppers

Crab Poppers are a delicious way to get restaurant quality seafood into your very own kitchen. A breeze to prepare in a conventional oven, toaster oven or air fryer, these delights are not only delicious, but perfect for saving time. -BPT