ALIZZ Islamic Bank’s humanitarian efforts crowned with a prestigious award

Roundup Sunday 07/November/2021 12:06 PM
By: Times News Service
ALIZZ Islamic Bank’s humanitarian efforts crowned with a prestigious award

Muscat: In recognition of its outstanding humanitarian and collaborative efforts in the society, Alizz Islamic Bank was granted a prestigious local award for ‘Digital Initiative of the Year – 2021’, at the Digital Transformation Conference & Awards, during the annual event organized under the patronage of H.E. Ali Al Shidhani,

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology. The award was received by Mr. Asaad Al Kharusi, Head of Strategy & Transformation of Alizz Islamic bank and honoured the Bank’s role in launching the initiative to raise donations for the Association of Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities which resulted in the launch of the first crowdfunding website in the Sultanate.

Earlier this, Alizz Islamic Bank and the Ministry of Social Development launched the website  ( ) as a crowdfunding project aiming to raise 2 million Omani Rials towards building the Centre of Excellence for Children with Disabilities, along with an additional initiative on the platform to raise 40,000 Omani Rials towards orphans of the Child Care Center via the easiest digital channels, which allows all sectors and segments of the society to participate and contribute to building the Center of Excellence for Children with Disabilities and helping orphans. It is worth noting that the donation process observes standards of absolute transparency by revealing the exact number of total donations. Once one accesses the website, he/she can notice the digital meter’s movement, indicating how much of the target has been achieved and how much of it is remaining.

Crowdfunding is the practice of raising small amounts of money from a large number of people via the Internet and social media with the aim of funding a project that serves the community. Funds are raised through a platform that enables everyone to play a role in serving our country. Omani people, whether institutions or individuals, are considered a partner in the community, and play a role in building the society by providing services towards persons with disabilities by contributing to the establishment of private rehabilitation institutions for these individuals, in collaboration with government institutions.

Alizz Islamic Bank and the Ministry of Social Development also opened an account for each orphan. After collecting the required amount, the sums will be distributed equally to all orphans. The Ministry of Social Development seeks to take care of orphans by fulfilling their necessary needs, preparing them educationally, socially and culturally, and integrating them into society.

Alizz Islamic Bank seeks excellence in providing humanitarian initiatives that best serve the society, by taking care of each child, as they are considered the cornerstone on which the future of society is built. Such efforts seeking to care for people with disabilities and orphans in the Sultanate are driven by the government’s interest, represented by the Ministry of Social Development, in ensuring that such individuals obtain all rights, on equal footing with all other citizens of the Sultanate, including their right to be rehabilitated in different rehabilitation institutions, so that they can be integrated into the society to play their role in its prosperity alongside all Omanis.