Oman committed to building stronger healthcare system

Oman Saturday 06/November/2021 22:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman committed to building stronger healthcare system
Dr Ahmed bin Muhammad Al Saeedi, Minister of Health.

Muscat: Oman’s Minister of Health has affirmed the country’s full commitment to taking the steps required to strengthen the country’s healthcare networks, and make it more resilient against climate change, so that it becomes environmentally sustainable.

Oman News Agency (ONA) reported that this came in a recorded statement by Dr Ahmed bin Muhammad Al Saeedi, Minister of Health, coinciding with the 26th meeting of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow, United Kingdom, which runs from October 31 to November 12.

Days six and seven of the event are dedicated to talking about climate and its impact on healthcare systems.
“The Sultanate of Oman will work to achieve several goals according to a specific timetable to contribute to strengthening the health system, make it more sustainable, enable it to withstand climate changes, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the environment, including related supply chains,” said the statement.

An assessment was done of the tolerance levels healthcare centres have to climate change, and the extent to which they can, by 2023, adapt to weather developments. This will contribute to the health sector drafting a plan, by 2024, to adapt to future climate patterns.This comes under the national plan for adaptation to climate change.

Other objectives include the use of the assessment and the national plan for adaptation in the field of health to attract the necessary funding for development of health systems in line with the principles of sustainability and respect for the environment.  

Others initiative aim to assess greenhouse gas emissions associated with the health system (including supply chains) based on baseline indicators by 2030, while an action plan is to be developed by 2030 to organise an environmentally friendly health system, with low greenhouse emissions, including those related to supply chains, including pollution, air quality, human exposure to contaminants, and the role of the health sector in reducing pollution.