Sindbaad promotes Omani SMEs towards global expansion

Business Tuesday 02/November/2021 18:07 PM
By: Times News Service
Sindbaad promotes Omani SMEs towards global expansion

Muscat: From start-ups and small businesses to multinational corporations, most companies in Oman and the Mena region can benefit from Sindbaad.

Shaikh Ghalib Al Naamani, Chairman of Sindbaad explains, “In today’s competitive and convenience focused society, no longer do consumers and businesses want to venture to the high street to conduct business, they are more inclined now than ever to find an easier and faster digital solution.”

One can showcase their business and its products/services for it to be discovered, generate leads, finalize business deals, approach other businesses and buyers, sort out logistics and delivery: all through their seller account on Sindbaad.

Sindbaad is an ideal way to take a company from a traditional brick and mortar store to an innovative, well-known business. A business is no longer one singular store. With an online presence on Sindbaad, businesses can fully expand the product ranges without having to worry about moving locations or such difficulties.

It is also the right platform for SMEs in Oman to be in. The SME sector in Oman is hyper-growing, receiving unlimited support from the government, having a clear goal with a focus on financing, nurturing, legitimizing, and building entrepreneurial skills. SMEs are a key contributor to the economic growth of the country, not to mention a source for job creation for the generation. A small company that is in the suburbs of Oman need not spend hundreds or thousands on marketing to gain exposure within the country and to grow its business when Sindbaad can easily offer step by step business solutions.

To leap forward, Sindbaad has recently joined “Mazaya”, a new initiative & media campaign concerned to provide privileges to owners of small and medium enterprises that obtained the Entrepreneurship Card issued by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, which will contribute to enhancing the activity and sustainability of the small and medium enterprise sector in the Sultanate through various packages, incentives, and facilities. “Providing for SMEs a great deal of benefits is the optimum solution for Oman’s business development and to secure higher platforms for Omani companies in trade around the world.” says the Chairman, Sheikh Ghalib.

Having started with B2C keeping B2B the focal point, Sindbaad is steadily evolving into a strong channel connecting businesses in various sectors.

 Sindbaad’s long term e-commerce game plan is to get on board every SME and Business possible in Oman and connect them with Businesses across the region. If a business has not embarked on its digital transformation journey yet, the time is now and Sindbaad is here to help.

Businesses taking advantage of B2B and B2C e-commerce are at their peak, it is no news that the onset of the pandemic has accelerated the need for e-commerce platforms.

 The market advantage that sellers have with e-Sindbaad is being able to provide customer services to their buyers. When a customer comes to and requests a quote, they get bids from multiple different providers. The fact that there is a service that provides aftermarket support is often the reason why one gets the order.

What do SMEs need?
With limited access to robust technology and digital solutions, SMEs face the challenge of gaining the desired exposure and connecting in real-time with buyers and sellers locally and across the Mena region. However, is having full proof digital system enough for businesses to grow? With the market continuously expanding and the competition exceeding normal limits, businesses see a tremendous drop in growth, especially during the pandemic. Owing to this challenge, Sindbaad provides the technology infrastructure and marketing reach to assist SMEs to leverage their brands and engaging with buyers from across the region more efficiently. Shoaeb says, “Sindbaad can reach potential customers anytime, anywhere. SME deployment in Sindbaad gives access to other countries in the region including the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, thus widening the market space.”

Promoting cross-border business deals
Sindbaad takes business where it’s not possible for an SME to be present physically. By having a presence in Sindbaad Portal, SMEs can sell products/services to different locations from a single location. So, while operating at a single location, SMEs can serve customers all across the country and beyond borders.

Exploring effective ways for visibility in the eCommerce era
Reaching out to an audience via the traditional method can be a tiresome task. Sindbaadvia search engine optimisation targets the right people directly to your e-store. Through the means, SMEs can receive recurring enquiries.

Online reputation building

In the absence of Online Presence, when customers appreciate your products/services, it’s tough to take advantage of those appreciations and grow your influence to new customers. By building an online reputation of your business on Sindbaad, customers can share their appreciation over social media and other online platforms. These reviews are publicly available for everyone to see and this helps an SME to influence new users to get converted to customers.

The 2040 vision aims to ensure Oman is among the ranks of the world’s most developed nations assuring sustained prosperity and security for all. It sets out a vision for the transition of Oman from an oil-based economy towards a more diverse knowledge-based one.

 Sindbaad in line with the 2040 vision laid out by Oman’s government aims to solve a few major challenges being faced by SMEs.

For the less tech-savvy businesses, Sindbaad offers step-by-step solutions. Starting from onboarding, product/services display assistance to inquiry and lead generations, order management, deliveries and more. Providing businesses of all sorts, a swift movement of their trade to the digital world with a hassle-free experience.