How to choose better-for-you, ethically sourced chocolate

Lifestyle Monday 01/November/2021 09:34 AM
By: Brandpoint Content
How to choose better-for-you, ethically sourced chocolate

 Savvy consumers today are demanding more from products they love to eat — including ever-craveable chocolate — beyond delicious taste. They want to be excited by new flavours and trends, easily see every ingredient and get great-tasting products that fit within their health and nutrition goals, all while feeling confident their food is ethically sourced and sustainably grown.

If you’re a discerning shopper of everything chocolate, you’re in luck. By carefully reading product labels and doing some research, you can find tasty chocolate with high-quality ingredients — and you can even learn where and how those ingredients were grown and made.

Check the label

Checking the packaging of a tempting chocolate bar can reveal more than just the ingredients and nutrition facts.

In the case of chocolate, it can trace its ingredients back to the farms that supply them — a significant food ethics and safety feature.

Explore chocolates without added sugar

For anyone following a lower-sugar diet, and for those wanting to enjoy high-quality, delicious chocolate with fewer calories and less sugar per serving is ideal. Sweetened with isomalt from beets and inulin from chicory root,  chocolates made without the artificial sweeteners and chemical aftertaste found in other no-sugar-added chocolate. Each large chocolate bar offers three servings, all with 150 calories or less per serving, and 2 grams of sugar or less per serving.

Discover exciting new flavour combinations

There’s something for every palate in the no-sugar-added line of chocolates. Popular flavours include:

    Salted Caramel in 60% dark chocolate, with a creamy, no-sugar-added salted caramel filling.
    Almonds & Sea Salt in 60% dark chocolate with dry roasted, crunchy almonds and sea salt crystals.
    Fruits & Nuts in 37% milk chocolate for a perfect blend of fruits and nuts, sweet and savory, chewy and crunchy.

Feel good about where your chocolate comes from

Before you make any purchase, it helps to do research on the culture and the philosophy of a company. Thanks to the internet, it's not hard to do. More companies today are publicizing their mission statements and providing consumers with information about the history and origin of their products.

The good news? You can indulge in your chocolate and be happy about where the ingredients are from and how they’re made at the same time. Here's what to look for:

    Brands that pay competitive wages to cocoa farmers and work with organizations to monitor and protect human rights on cocoa farms
    Brands that ensure sustainable farming practices
    Brands that commit to clean, traceable ingredients from farm to table

With a little research and awareness, you can enjoy your favorite chocolate treats and feel good about what you're eating.