Ramadan: Iftar meals to be distributed across Oman

Home & Away Friday 10/June/2016 13:20 PM
By: Times News Service
Ramadan: Iftar meals to be distributed across Oman

Muscat: Iftar meals will be distributed by Dar al Atta’a and other charity groups across different parts of the country all through Ramadan.
May al Bayat, Marketing Director of Dar al Atta'a said that the charity group has planned to distribute iftar meals and packets all over the country as part of their Ramadan charity drive.
“We are distributing around a 1000 ration packages, across various parts of Oman, and each pack will cost RO30 with everyday essentials.”
The total number of ration packages last year was 1500, but that has come down to 1000 this year.
“The figure stood at 5000 about three years ago, but this number came down not only because of the financial trouble, but also because lots of other charity groups have opened up and are offering help to several companies have donated towards the Ramadan charity drive, which also involves offering iftar meals at 11 mosques around Oman among other initiatives.
According to May, this year was a little difficult in terms of the financial troubles which have caused companieds to cut down their budget for CSR programs.
"This year was not very easy for us, we had companies that would give us considerable amounts every year and this year they chose to give nothing, so it was certainly a bit of struggle putting things together, but then we used funds from our own budget this year to support the Ramadan charity programs." May added.
Dar al Atta'a has 20 in-house volunteers who are going to be constantly working throughout the month on the distribution of ration packages. However including the corporate volunteers, the total number goes up to 70.
Dar al Atta'a will be distributing meals across 11 mosques in the Sultanate this year- Al Sabaha mosque in Sohar (100 meals daily), Al Rahma mosque in Bahla (50 meals daily), Al Jimah mosque in Bahla (50 meals daily), Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib mosque in Saham (50 meals daily), Al Dheeb mosque in Saham (50 meals daily), Al Taqwa mosque in Mudhabi (100 meals daily), Al Haima mosque in Ibra (100 meals daily), Al Farooq mosque in Al Amerat (100 meals daily), Al Saih al Ahmar mosque in Bid Bid (100 meals daily), Al Abha mosque in Bousher (100 meals daily), Al Nawafil mosque in Al Mussanah (50 meals daily) and two mosques in Qantab for 100 people each daily.
"Cost for a hundred meals for one full month is RO 4,500 and for 50 meals for a whole month is RO 2,250." May further added.
Besides the ration and iftar meals distribution, Dar al Atta'a is also helping restore and build houses across the country.
"We have a waiting list of 30 families since 2014 and each house takes RO28,000 to build and furnish." May said.