Oman transport: Train plan for Muscat?
May 10, 2017 | 10:07 AM
by Times News Service

Muscat: The transport minister has unveiled ambitious plans to connect all the towns and cities of Oman with fast, regular road connections, and said trains could be coming to Muscat.

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Salem Al-Futaisi, Oman's Minister for Transport and Communications, said almost 7000 jobs would be created to ensure every part of Oman is on the transport grid.

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The minister also revealed future plans for light rail networks and sea taxis, coupled with a massive investment in bus services for the Sultanate.

A government authority will also be set up to manage the overhaul, he said.

Dr Futaisi said: "We have reached out to experts for this strategy, and the plan has been presented to the Council of Ministers for discussion. Experts have indicated in cities around the world that reducing traffic and crowding must be achieved through public transport.

"Our network of roads has connected the whole country. The strategy will be in two phases. It will not just be in Muscat, but other cities in Oman. The plan includes developing public transport, including buses and taxis, and their infrastructure like the road stops and systems.

"We hope that in three years, plans will be drawn up and visualised for trains in Muscat. With regards to logistics, the strategy proposes an authority to manage public transport as a whole.

"With regards to operations, the strategy already involves Mwasalat as the main company for public transport. We are open other companies developing public transport in the country."

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