Dubai-based seaplane service launched in Oman

Oman Thursday 09/June/2016 11:14 AM
By: Times News Service
Dubai-based seaplane service launched in Oman

Muscat: Seawings, a Dubai-based seaplane tour company that offers scheduled and chartered flights, is now operating in Oman.

“Individuals who frequently fly from Oman to Dubai can now avoid airport queues, waiting time and create their own itinerary as the schedule can be as per their convenience,” a spokesperson for Seawings told Times of Oman.

Besides flying into Dubai, Seawings will fly to all the other emirates as well as Doha. “This adds a lot of flexibility to a frequent flyer’s schedule,” the spokesperson said.

The carrier is currently operating a fleet of three air taxis and is ready to fulfill any commercial requirement out of the UAE, Qatar and Oman. “We have already commenced operations, but this is the first time we are promoting the destinations and Air Taxi Services,” the spokesperson said.

“These are customized requests that completely depend on the guest and their preferences of routes. As you can see there are multiple landing locations in Dubai hence the pricing will depend on the routes and the options available. I will not be able to quote a specific amount due to the diversity of options available."

With their ability to land on water, seaplanes can offer direct flights to Dubai and Qatar.