Omani youth strive to be the best

Oman Wednesday 27/October/2021 23:45 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani youth strive to be the best
Aspirations of Omani youth are in line with the goals of Oman Vision 2040

Muscat: Omani youth have ambitions of becoming the best in their fields by learning from all of the opportunities made available to them, say young people in the Sultanate of Oman.

Youngsters in the country have shared the hopes and aspirations they aim to achieve in the years to come. A big factor that will help youth accomplish their objectives is Vision 2040, a key aspect of which is developing the country’s next generations and creating opportunities for them to thrive.

 “Omani youth are ambitious and seek to achieve the best, whether it is in the field of education, society, or career,” said Qais Al Maqrashi, speaking to Oman News Agency (ONA). “Our ambitious aspirations are very much linked to Oman Vision 2040 and future goals.”

So that they are ready to benefit from the developments brought about by Vision 2040, however, Abdullah Al Kalbani said that “young people have the responsibility to develop their skills, capabilities and expertise.”
Rahma Al Shaqsi said in this context that Omani youth need to sharpen their skills and direct their abilities towards fields from which they can benefit.

“Vision 2040 is one of the nation’s most important priorities, because it will help develop the Omani economy so that it keeps pace with current requirements, and in line with global developments,” she told ONA. “Therefore, our main task as Omani youth, right now, is to focus on improving our abilities, and educating ourselves, so our impact is the real indicator by which the advancement, progress and development of society is measured.”

The vision, added Marwah Al Rawahi, provides young people in Oman many opportunities from which will directly benefit in the years to come.

“It has a big role in contributing to achieving the aspirations of young Omanis in various fields, whether they are technical, skill-based, cultural or sporting, as well as many other areas of interest,” she said.
Malak Al Alawi added, “We have been offered a very flexible and smooth vision that gives young people the opportunity to think outside the box, the energy to always invest in ourselves in the right manner by building our abilities and honing our skills, and by directing our potential down the right path.”

A number of young professionals employed at companies in Oman were also keen to share the life lessons they had learned on the job. Among them were employees at ASYAD, Oman’s national logistics group tasked with the development of that sector in the country.

“Omani youth have always been the focus of attention for ASYAD Group across its various business and logistic services,” said Khalfan Al Ruqaishi, who works for the company’s dry docks division.

Basma Al Hashemiya, employed in the shipping sector added, “We are proud of the skilled, competent nationals that are able to extend the global reach of our logistics services.”

Adding to this, Buthaina Al Zadjali, who is stationed at the Port of Duqm, said, “Inspiration and ambition to reach the highest positions is not impossible for the youth of Oman.”

Oman’s youth were keen on sharing their experiences, which sometimes affected them in ways they did not expect. Among them was Sami Al Jildani, whose career began at a workshop that maintains buses for Mwasalat, the national transport company.

“I did not think that starting my career by working in a bus maintenance workshop for Mwasalat would help expand my horizons in a job of a multi-disciplinary and multi-tasking nature,” he admitted. “But this opened the doors to working with many volunteer associations, which enabled me to learn and understand more about others.”

His fellow employee, Hamdaan Al Maamari, who is attached to Mwasalat’s ferry service, added, “Ensuring the achievement of security and safety elements on fast ferry trips is one of my main responsibilities. So that I can understand more and help strengthen the logistics system in my country, I have also participated in many regional meetings.”

Of a similar vein was Eman Jaaboub at the Port of Salalah, who was nominated to be a member of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. This happened because she “took advantage of the opportunities I came across in my career in the Port of Salalah to implement a number of initiatives to accelerate the pace of work.”

One of Abdullah Al Busaidi’s fondest memories is also related to a recent career development: “I remember when I received a letter from Oman Post, which offered me a training opportunity alongside my fellow Omani youth. We have been able to connect Oman to the world, through 220 international destinations.”
Government organisations and private sector companies have also elaborated on their commitment to developing the next generation.

“We affirm our commitment to our partnership with UNESCO and international organizations that seek to effectively contribute to, influence, and benefit from the capabilities and experiences of young people, through their innovative ideas and ambitions,” said Oman’s National Commission for Education, Culture and Science.

Riyada, the SME Development Authority, added, “Our confidence in the youth is absolute, and our endeavours for them are coupled with trust. Every day, they are the strength of our homeland.”

The Middle East College said, “The future of the country is in the hands of the youth.”

Omani tech company PhazeRo chipped in with, “We’re always proud of our homegrown talent, and we strive to create an environment for Omani youth to flourish and realise their full potential. The talent and strive they possess is ever present as the backbone of the nation.”

Renaissance Services, one of the country’s biggest companies, added “we believe in the capabilities of our Omani youth and their capabilities towards achieving the ambitious vision of our dear country, Oman, so we invest in enhancing their capabilities to achieve our common goals.”

To provide young people the chance to pursue their athletic ambitions Rustaq Club in the Governorate of South Al Batinah has opened a new gym.

“Under the patronage of retired pilot Saleh bin Humaid Al Siyabi, Al Rustaq Club opens the club’s gym, which contains many important facilities in support of cultural, youth and sports activities at the state level,” said the organisation.

With inputs from Oman News Agency