Did you know probiotic products can help clean your home?

T-Mag Wednesday 27/October/2021 17:59 PM
By: Brandpoint Content
Did you know probiotic products can help clean your home?

 When you think of probiotics, gut health likely first comes to mind. Whether it’s fermented foods like yoghurt, kombucha and sauerkraut, or vitamin supplements and skin care, probiotics are widely accepted as microscopic powerhouses. What may surprise you is that the benefits of probiotics go beyond the digestive tract. In fact, probiotics are beneficial in your home as well, thanks to their long-lasting cleaning power.

Small and mighty probiotics

Probiotics are naturally occurring friendly bacteria present all around us and inside us. The preposition “pro” means “for” in Latin and “biotic” means “life” in Greek, so probiotic literally means “for life.” These good bacteria have inherent cleaning properties that can be used to efficiently clean interior spaces.

Probiotics are cleaning superstars

Digestible food, drink and supplement probiotics are good for the gut, eliminating and balancing out unhealthy bacteria. But probiotics can also be used in products to help clean your house. These types of cleaners are growing in popularity because of their long-lasting cleaning benefits and as people are seeking more natural ways to clean their home.

Probiotics just keep cleaning

And to top it off, probiotics don’t stop cleaning when you do. Whether you’re tackling the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen or tidying the playroom, think before you spray. Probiotics help keep surfaces clean long after you've cleaned.