Dutch couple in love with Omani people, landscapes

Oman Monday 08/May/2017 20:49 PM
By: Times News Service
Dutch couple in love with Omani people, landscapes

Muscat: Lotte Eschbach and her husband Frank have visited more than 36 countries across the world, but their trip to Oman ranks among the top of their travels.
The Dutch couple is travelling the world as part of their Big Trip Around The World, which began in January 2017, and spent three weeks in Oman in March.
“I loved Oman!” recalled Lotte, speaking to the Times of Oman. “It’s such a beautiful country with stunning landscapes and very friendly people. I love that Oman isn’t filled with glass high rise buildings, but focuses on more important things, such as roads, education, preserving the culture and heritage, etc. I love that you can camp out in the wild and that there are so many awesome dirt roads to explore.”
“We started our trip in Muscat, where we spent a couple of days exploring the city,” she added. “We than picked up a 4x4 jeep and made a two-week road trip around the north of the country. On the road trip, we visited the Jebel Shams, Wadi Bani Awf, Bahla, Nizwa, the Eastern Hajar Mountains, the Sharqiya Sands, Sur and much more.”
Travel itinerary
Lotte has documented all of her travels in the form of a two-week travel itinerary, which is directed towards solo travellers, and can be found on her website: www.phenomenalglobe.com. The natural beauty and rawness of the countryside, what stood out for her was the hospitality of the Omanis she encountered in the Sultanate. “The people of Oman are super friendly and welcoming!” she said.
“We were invited for traditional karak tea and dates at the Bimmah Sinkhole, guided to the most beautiful secluded pool in Wadi Tiwi by a friendly 18-year-old boy and always greeted by the local people when we were exploring one of the tiny mountain villages on foot. When we stopped on the side of the road to check our map, a friendly Omani always pulled over next to us and asked where we wanted to go and if we needed help.”
The 29-year-old and her husband both worked in banks, but always felt the urge to travel beyond the Netherlands and experience the culture and life that the rest of the world had to offer.
“For 18 months, we saved up every penny and put it in a savings account with only one purpose: to travel the world for as long as we can,” said Lotte. “Now that we are actually on our trip I regularly collaborate with companies, such as hotels and tour operators, which helps reduce our travel expenses. But we pay for 95 per cent of our travels ourselves.”
Having now set off on her excursion round the world, Lotte is keen to share her experiences with everyone. “One of the most important things travel has taught me is how limited my own view of the world is and how each person has their own perspective,” she said. “Travel taught me to be tolerant and to stay curious.”
“Keep an open mind! Don’t judge people because they do things differently than what you are used too,” added Lotte. “Your way may not be the only way. Also, be patient. Things might not go as planned when you travel, delays happen all the time. Don’t get upset or angry, just be patient, read a book or look around you. You can’t make things go faster anyway.”