Terror being 'incubated' in India's neighbourhood: Modi

World Wednesday 08/June/2016 21:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Terror being 'incubated' in India's neighbourhood: Modi

Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said terrorism is being "incubated in India's neighbourhood" and pressed for action without making any distinction against groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Taliban and IS who share the "same philosophy of hate, murder and killings".
In his address to the joint sitting of US Congress here, he said terrorism has to be fought with "one voice" as he commended the American Parliament for sending out a clear message by refusing to "reward" those who preach and practice terrorism for political gains, an apparent reference to the blocking of sale of eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan.
In the course of his 45-minute speech, he covered all major aspects of the growing relationship between India and the US, particularly strategic ties and civil nuclear cooperation, and emphasised that the two countries should leave "constraints of the past" behind as the "foundations of the future are firmly in place".
Dressed in trademark white kurta-pyjama and grey-coloured half-jacket, Modi was warmly received by the American lawmakers who interrupted his address more than 40 times to cheer him, a few times by standing. When his predecessor Manmohan Singh addressed the US Congress in 2005, his speech was applauded 33 times, according to Sanjay Baru, who was the Media Adviser to the then prime minister.
Underscoring that both India and the US share the vision of peace and prosperity of the world, the prime minister said "globally, terrorism remains the biggest threat" and it must be fought at many levels" as the traditional tools of military, intelligence or diplomacy alone would not be able to win defeat it.
"In the territory stretching from west of India's border to Africa, it may go by different names, from Laskhar-e-Taiba, to Taliban to IS. But, its philosophy is common: of hate, murder and violence," Modi said.
"Although its shadow is spreading across the world, it is incubated in India's neighbourhood," he said.
He said those who believe in humanity must come together to fight against terrorism as one and speak against this menace in one voice. "I commend the members of the US Congress for sending a clear message to those who preach and practice terrorism for political gains," Modi said, adding "Refusing to reward them is the first step towards holding them accountable for their actions." He was clearly referring to the blocking of sale of eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan by the US Congress recently.
Emphasising that "terrorism must be delegitimised", he said, "The need of the hour is for us to deepen our security cooperation." He said the cooperation should be based on a policy that "isolates those who harbour, support and sponsor terrorists; that does not distinguish between 'good' and 'bad' terrorists; and that delinks religion from terrorism."
The Prime Minister noted that both the countries have lost civilians and soldiers in combating terrorism and highlighted how the US stood by India in the aftermath of terror attack in Mumbai in November, 2008.