Tips to get out of sticky situations in the great outdoors

Lifestyle Sunday 24/October/2021 21:20 PM
By: Statepoint
Tips to get out of sticky situations in the great outdoors

When it comes to outdoor adventures, you never know what unexpected issues will arise. While you’re unlikely to pack a full toolbox, extra shoes or equipment due to space limitations, tape can offer quick fixes in a variety of situations, and is a must-have item to keep with your outdoor gear.

But don’t just throw any roll into your knapsack, be sure to choose one that meets the needs of any environment. Here are some quick, effective tape tips to keep you safe from sticky situations in the great outdoors.

1. Mending Ripped Rain Gear or Torn Tents. It’s important to ensure you’re protected from the elements. The quickest way to maintain comfort in your rain gear or tent is to make certain you’re weatherproofed and ready for any change in climate. Mend ripped rain gear or a tear in a tent with a strong repair tape, built to adhere in both wet and dry conditions and formulated to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -70 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Fast Fix for Fishing and Hiking Poles. Not all adventures take place on land, so being prepared in all areas of wilderness is key. Fishing poles (and hiking poles for that matter) are built to withstand quick shifts in weight and slight bends, but when they splinter, you need to act fast. Opt for strong waterproof tape with holding power when you need it most. They can stick to a variety of surfaces in all weather conditions for a repair you can rely on, even when you’re miles away from land.

3. Boot Basics. Sturdy, reliable footwear is essential for any outdoor activity. If the sole separates from the base of the boot or tears, it can be dangerous for your foot to be exposed to the elements. Carrying messy, tacky glue in your pack is inconvenient and a spill hazard, but using duct tape as a wrapping can provide a fast, efficient and less-mess remedy to get you back up and moving in a pinch. A strong barrier wrapped around the top and sole of your boot will offer the protection you need to finish your outing. Additionally, it can help protect from bugs, ticks or poisonous plants when hiking. Wrap the tape around the top of your boots to ensure your pant leg and boot have a seamless safety guard for your trek.

4. Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud. There’s nothing like splashing around in the mud, but sometimes it’s hard to tell how deep or tough a puddle will be to get through. Luckily, with the right tools you don’t have to stay stuck in the mud. High-performance duct tape can help you in a wide range of sticky situations. The “World’s Strongest Duct Tape,” according to the Guinness World Records, is built to hold more than 700 pounds of weight with just one loop of tape. Pull your vehicle, tow your bike or create a lift for your gear with this aggressive, double-thick adhesive cloth tape with a durable, waterproof backing.

Outdoor exploration doesn’t have to be stressful. For peace of mind, pack the right gear so you can get to the most important part of your adventure: enjoying yourself! -Statepoint