Dhofar municipal workers help colleagues in cyclone-hit north

Oman Wednesday 13/October/2021 21:03 PM
By: Times News Service
Dhofar municipal workers help colleagues in cyclone-hit north

Muscat: Municipality workers from the southern Dhofar region are working alongside their colleagues in North Al Batinah to clean up the damage caused by cyclone Shaheen, and aid in relief and rebuilding efforts.

“Technical support teams of the Dhofar Municipality continued their efforts in North Al Batinah, by spraying insecticides pools of stagnant water formed by cyclone Shaheen, in the wilayats of Al Khaboura and Al Suwaiq,” said a statement from Dhofar Municipality.

The Dhofari teams are also repairing and erecting road signs, clearing homes of debris, and making roads fit for vehicles to drive on once again.

Apart from the workers, who have travelled more than a thousand kilometres to provide assistance during North Al Batinah’s time of need, the people of Dhofar have also organised an aid campaign to help those affected by cyclone Shaheen. The items provided by people and organisations in the Dhofar will be sent in an aid convoy bound for the north.

“We would like to offer our thanks and efforts to everyone who donated money, resources and time as part of the relief campaign organised to help people in the governorates of North and South Al Batinah,” said Mohammed Al Kalbani, the director general of social development in Dhofar.

“I also want to thank the private and government organisations, as well as individuals, who contributed as part of this effort,” he added.

“The endless support provided by Dhofar Municipality and the administration team from the Salalah Tourism Festival must also be met with thanks and appreciation.

“We hope that when our aid convoy reaches North and South Al Batinah, it has the desired impact and is able to help those in need,” he said.

Adding to this, Tariq Al Kathiri, the supervisor of the Festival Department at Dhofar Municipality, said, “The Dhofar convoy aims to provide relief to people affected by cyclone Shaheen. We wish to thank all those who contributed aid and supported this campaign, as well as the people involved in the logistics and organising of the convoy.”