10,237 visits made to check food hygiene in Oman

Oman Wednesday 08/June/2016 09:58 AM
By: Times News Service
10,237 visits made to check food hygiene in Oman

Muscat: Thousands of visits were made by Muscat Municipality officials to check food hygiene during the first quarter of this year, the authority tweeted on its official twitter handle.
“10,237 visits were made during the first quarter of the year to check food hygiene,” the tweet read.
On Sunday, a team from the Directorate General of Muscat Municipality in Muttrah’s inspection and food control department seized 600kg of meat found unfit for human consumption from an unlicensed mishakik outlet in Gedan, Muttrah.
The team also arrested expatriate workers who were running the business.
The raids were conducted in coordination with the Ministry of Manpower, ROP and Public Prosecution as part of efforts to prevent sale of unhygienic food items during Ramadan.
The confiscated items, including 500kg of uncooked meat, 100kg of mishkak meat, 50kg of squid and 15kg of spices, were stored in unhygienic conditions and were to be distributed to vendors in the wilayat. The team also seized 500,000 skewers, two refrigerators and ordered the confiscated utensils used for cooking to be destroyed.
The civic body has urged the public to bring to its notice any malpractice through social media channels.