Place of worship in Oman: Jama’ a Al Sayyida Mayzoon

Home & Away Wednesday 08/June/2016 08:15 AM
By: Times News Service
Place of worship in Oman: Jama’ a Al Sayyida Mayzoon

Ramadan presents a great opportunity to go pray in beautiful houses of worship that you might not otherwise see. Whether for Taraweeh prayers or Dhuhr, pay a visit to one of Muscat’s architectural monuments of faith.

{ Jama’ a Al Sayyida Mayzoon Bint Ahmed}

This mosque is an astonishing two-floored architectural triumph situated in the heart of South Al Mawaleh. Built in 2006 by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, it was named after his beloved mother Al Sayyida Mayzoon bint Ahmed Al Ma’shani. It has a lovely pale exterior that features a combination of vintage Omani design paired with contemporary elements. The inside of the mosque is just as majestic, once you enter; you’ll be fascinated by top-notch details, such as rectangular marbled-patterns gracing its interior walls in a brown and beige palette and carefully crafted details from its gigantic, patterned, wooden door, to spacious hallways, and a restful ablution area.
The thoughtfully designed parking lot is another interesting addition to this holy place.

*This mosque has a Ladies’ Prayer Hall