A’Saffa Foods launches Thawaq A'Saffa

Roundup Saturday 09/October/2021 18:03 PM
By: Times News Service
A’Saffa Foods launches Thawaq A'Saffa

Muscat: A’Saffa Foods has announced the launch of Thawaq A’Saffa – a new range of delicious, pre-packaged poultry dishes. Comprising three dishes at launch, including chicken shuwa spicy, shuwa Omani, and chicken broast, Thawaq A’Saffa allows you to prepare these tasty dishes in just eight minutes.

 A'Saffa uses local spices in each of these dishes, the shuwa in particular, to ensure you enjoy an authentic and high-quality Omani meal. All you need to do is heat the dishes in a microwave for just eight minutes and then serve with rice and any other garnishing you prefer.

Moreover, as with any product produced by A’Saffa, Thawaq A’Saffa is hygienically processed from quality chicken from the company’s farms. Doing so ensures you enjoy a fresh and healthy chicken dish with a delicious taste that will remind you of home-cooked meals.

Thawaq A’Saffa is now available for sale at leading supermarkets across the country. For more information on A’Saffa Foods and its products, please visit www.asaffa.com or follow our social media handles.