#OmanPride: Times Quiz first timers Indian School Nizwa impress

More sports Tuesday 25/April/2017 21:49 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Times Quiz first timers Indian School Nizwa impress

Muscat: School children in Oman have a great penchant for quizzing and this fact is being reflected with new prelims centres being added to the Times of Oman Inter School Quiz Contest (TOOISQC) platform.
Indian School Nizwa made its debut this year and its junior and senior student teams participated in large numbers enjoying the quiz to the hilt. Appreciating their enthusiasm for the event, quiz master Lloyd Saldanha said, “It was a wonderful performance from a first-time school at Indian School Nizwa. Both juniors and seniors were very well prepared.
Congratulations to the school on the perfectly organised event.
This is truly a fantastic platform created by Times of Oman.” After having completed more than 13 sets of junior and senior prelims so far and four more to go, quizmaster said he anticipates a keen contest in mega prelims and eventually a thrilling final.
Dr Sathish Nambiar, managing director of Eventful /DOC LLC said, “It is encouraging to see these children enjoying and answering challenging questions put together by Greycaps. The response from new schools has made quizzing a wonderful experience for the quizmaster and organisers.”
Times of Oman has outsourced the organising of the 2017 edition of the interschool quiz to leading event management company, Eventful/Doc LLC.
Biju Mathew, principal, Indian School Nizwa said, “The Times of Oman quiz prelims was well coordinated. It helped our students in enhancing their knowledge in all areas.
The children were motivated by the quizmaster who was very professional and well prepared. We thank the organisers for the well conducted quiz.”
Questions like “Barren Island has the only active volcano in South Asia. Where is it located?” (Andaman Nicobar Islands); “Telekom Austria operates a network of 13,500 telephone booths in Austria.
To what different purpose is it planning to utilise these booths?” (Plans to use it as charging points for electric vehicles) and “If you find the letters HB on a pencil, what does it stand for?” (Hardness & Black) were answered by the seniors. Juniors were posed questions such as “If you are in the business of importing and exporting Beverley hills, Cats Head, English Beauty, Lord Nelson etc, which fruit are you doing business in?” (Apples); “The Squat, Bench Press and Dead Lift are events associated with what type of competitive Sport?” (Power Lifting); “What was composed in memory of two people who died in an accident at Badstone Hill in Kilmersdon village, Somerset, England in the late 16th century?” (Jack and Jill Poem).

Mega Prelims Qualifiers Indian School Nizwa (Juniors)

2AnanyaSree B. RBhavjot Kaur Spall
3Hasikaa S. V.GowriGopakumar
4Manjot Kaur SpallAya Ahmed
5Aadithya S.Prajeesh Arjun Anil
6W. G. K. Kavishka VAhan Shetty
7Puja NandiniAnuprabha A.
8Arsalaan AhmedAnnsMariya Varghese
9S. ParthivAdwaith V.

Indian School Nizwa (Seniors)

SR. NO.Participant 1Participant 2
1FasithAhamed F.Nikhil Krishna
2Joel Mathew ZachariahLesinFarganNecholi
3Johann RijoRounak Singh
4Varshavardhini RameshTahaminaAktherYemo