Oman comes together, over OMR 200,000 received in donations

Oman Tuesday 05/October/2021 14:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman comes together, over OMR 200,000 received in donations
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Muscat: More than OMR200,000 has been donated as part of efforts to help people who have been impacted by cyclone Shaheen.

The portal, which is the website for the Oman Charitable Organisation, reported collections of OMR161,006 on Monday, 4 October, and, at the time of writing, OMR126,303 on Tuesday, 5 October.

The donation portal was opened on Monday, enabling people to contribute towards relief and reconstruction efforts. Various other teams have also announced that they are running voluntary groups to help with damages and cleanup of the aftermath of cyclone Shaheen.

In addition, a number of companies have announced donation sums for the benefit of those affected. Bank Sohar announced the allocation of OMR5 million in interest-free loans to the affected people.

“OMR5 million is allocated to support our customers and build back our communities in severely affected areas by cyclone Shaheen through interest-free financing,” said Sohar International in a statement. This offer is valid until 31 December, 2021.

This is “in addition to three month deferments on personal and housing loans to reduce financial burden on impacted customers in severely affected areas, reflecting our ongoing support to the people we serve,” added the company.

A number of electrical and home maintenance shops announced that they would provide their services for free.